Early CPI Concepts that have been Changed!

Hello Penguins,

Throughout the few years, the Club Penguin team has been teasing sneak peeks of Club Penguin Island to us all through the Official Club Penguin Blog and as well as on their Twitter. I have decided to go through all the past sneak peeks and see what they have changed from then to it now in Club Penguin Island.

We are still only in the Beta Stage of Club Penguin Island, so some of these teases may not be available to the players at this time, but we will review the ones that we have seen in Club Penguin Island Closed Beta and Geo-Beta.

Express Yourself: 

The earliest Club Penguin Island sneak peek found on the Club Penguin Blog was the one teasing us the Express Yourself actions. Which is actually still in the Club Penguin Island game, as well mentioned in a post that we posted earlier, where most Quick Chat options come with an Action along with it.


Rockhopper’s New Ship Design:

The Club Penguin gave us a full view of Rockhopper’s Ship Design in Club Penguin Island. Yet again this sneak peek is still in Club Penguin Island with no changes done to it.


Welcome Area:

In this sneak peek, they gave us a concept to how the dock would look like, except in a later tease they showed us a better view of the Welcome Area, but they also showed us the Welcome Circle, where many events happen. The Welcome Circle is still a popular and known area of Club Penguin Island.


Beacon Boardwalk / Welcome Area:

This early and most popular Club Penguin Island sneak peek has been through some changes before being added to the game. The only things that weren’t changed where the Rockhopper’s Ship and Lighthouse locations. For the front view of Beacon Boardwalk they have much more water to swim around and pushed the Snow Islands forward to form a circle with the Island. As well more pathways and a Water Slide on the right.


Fun Hut:

The Fun Hut is featured in Club Penguin Island, but it has been slightly modified , with some extra small details removed, although most of the important parts of it are still attracted to it.


Clothing Customize Update:

The video shows a different but similar layout for designing Clothing on Club Penguin Island. They have done some small changes to it, but have kept the same type of concept for it.


Meet the Band:

A feature that has been a demand since Guitars became a thing on Club Penguin, where you can play your favourite instrument and wear your outfit. But not only that they also teased a early concept of the Penguin Bar (icons, design). As well when you open the Chat Bar you will see that they have an Action section, perhaps that is what they mean’t in the Express Yourself paragraph earlier. The Action section is still not available yet on Club Penguin Island.


Eating Food:

The feature to be able to eat your favourite foods in Club Penguin Island is still around, and growing. As well you can serve food to others for free.


Diving Underwater:

The concept of swimming underwater is still the same, where you need to refresh your air bubble to continue swimming or else you’ll have to return to the surface.


It’s amazing to see how many of these concepts have been evolved into Club Penguin Island. I am so happy to finally see/play Club Penguin Island after all these years, and I can’t wait to see some of the other unreleased concept art be released throughout the Beta..

Waddle On!


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