Why won’t Club Penguin Island load for me?

Hello Penguins,

Are you having loading problems on Club Penguin Island? And can’t figure out why you’re having these issues. Well we have found some troubleshooting methods that should help fix your Spinning Loading Bar, Frozen Screen, or even more. We also have methods for both iOS and Android users.

iOS – Troubleshooting Methods

Android – Troubleshooting Methods

Desktop – Troubleshooting Methods


Remember if you or a friend are having this issue, suggest them our website to help yourself or them to fix the issue. If these methods still weren’t able to fix your issue, please contact Support@ClubPenguinIsland.com.

Waddle On!

Was this post helpful? If you have any questions that weren’t in our Help Pages, comment below, and one of the CPIHelp Staff will get back to you, and/or send a Tweet over to @NobleQuester!

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  1. I need help I have a laptop windows 8, intel core i5 but when I try to download the game I cant open it or find it can anyone help me


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