How do I Level Up on Club Penguin Island?

Club Penguin Island has a Leveling System, where you must complete Adventures, Fishing, etc. to help progress your Penguin to the next level. Your level is shown in My Penguin – My Profile, you have 4 colored Stars each are based around a Penguin Character Character (Aunt Arctic Rockhopper, Rookie, Cadence) and your Penguin Level is the 4 of them added together, meaning your Penguin Level will increase when you reach a new rank with Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Rookie, or Cadence.




  1. So the only way to level up is by completing the set limits each day? So no matter how long I’m on, no matter how much I collect or do, it had no affect?! That’s terrible. Players should be rewarded for getting involved, not just playing for 10 minutes.


    1. You have some great points there, I suggest giving Club Penguin Island Support an email about this feedback, their email is (


    1. Hey Anaconda! If you’re a non-member it will take you for ever to level up, as you can only do Daily Challenges, but if you’re a member it will be faster as you can complete adventures. If you have any concern about this you can contact the CPI Support team.

      Waddle On!


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