Gary the Gadget Guy Built the Party Submarine on Club Penguin Island?!

Hello Penguins,

We still don’t have a lot of information about Club Penguin Island mainly since we are still in the Geo-Beta period, but I’m hoping when Club Penguin Island is released public and worldwide, that we will get some more facts and information about these topics/theories that I have thought of. Some of the information below is official Club Penguin Island information that they have hidden at, and the other half is just myself thinking outside the box, I will of course mention when something below is official information from the team.

In the Club Penguin Best of 2016 Mash-Up video, we were given a sneak peek of a re-designed Club Penguin Island version of Gary the Gadget Guy, as many of us know we will be seeing most of the classic Club Penguin characters on Club Penguin Island at some point and it looks like Gary and Rookie might be the next mascots to be released, hopefully after worldwide release. But I think Gary has been to the Club Penguin Island in the past…


“It’s said a brilliant penguin built the Party Sub.” (Club Penguin Island Loading Screen Fact), now when a Club Penguin player hears that, most of us will guess Gary the Gadget Guy, since he is a smart penguin, inventor, and scientist. So unless they are developing a new brilliant penguin similar to Gary, we must assume that it’s Gary the Gadget Guy.


“Some say the submarine still holds top secret info.” (Club Penguin Island Loading Screen Fact), could Gary rebuilding it, help reveal those lost top secret information, but what could that top secret information be… Will the lack of information out, it’s hard to say, the only thing we can do is guess. What are your guesses? Mine is that the Party Submarine will explain what happen to the Penguins that were here before us.


I really enjoy writing and thinking outside the box on these types of subjects, if you also enjoy these posts, leave me a comment or Tweet me at @QuesterCPIHelp on Twitter.

Waddle On!



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