Tigerrkid visits the Club Penguin Island Headquarters!

Hello Penguins,

Tigerrkid, a friend and a well-known player in the Club Penguin Island community recently visited the Club Penguin Island and shared his experience with everyone on his Twitter and also made an amazing video of lots of the designs/merchandise in the HQ, and a little Sneak Peek surprise at the end!

“This was honestly the BEST day of my life. It has always been a dream to visit the CPHQ, and to finally meet the team behind my favourite game was the best thing ever. The Club Penguin Island team is amazing, they work so hard, they listen to all of our ideas. They do not deserve all the hate they get. They’re amazing. Club Penguin Island is just starting, and I can’t wait for you guys to see everything they have planned for us! Club Penguin island is just **getting** started.” – Tigerrkid

Wow! So many amazing pieces of art in the HQ, personally my favourite part of the video, but did you all make it to the end to see that Sneak Peek that the Club Penguin Island Team gave to Tigerrkid? My theory is that it’s a Sneak Peek to the next chapter of Rockhopper’s Adventures! What do you think it is? Comment below!

Plus don’t forget to Follow and Subscribe to Tigerrkid for more fun Club Penguin Island content!

Tigerrkid’s Youtube

Tigerrkid’s Twitter

Waddle On!


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