Club Penguin Island’s Fanfare Friday: Community Theories

Hello Penguins,

The Club Penguin Island Team has recently posted a Fanfare Friday: Community Theories on the Official Blog. I personally love this post, awesome to see that the Team is seeing many of our theories based around Club Penguin Island, maybe just maybe we could be onto something, and see these theories come to life. Anyways check out these amazing Community Theories!

Everyone, remember when it said if Rory knew a secret about the Penglantian Vault, I found it out: with the statue of King Rorius, it sounds familiar to Rory so I think Rory is like a great great grandson possible. Waddle on!

That connection is royally creative, Alextherocker!

If I’m guessing right the tube is the duck tube,rookie is the one who caused the summer splashdown event(cuz they’ve said that an accident caused this event)

If that’s the case, Mignon555, then I’ve gotta thank Rookie. I mean WATER SLIDES, am I right?

The secret in the penglantian vault? No of course it’s not a tube! No kidding, it’s actually a weird green collectible called a ‘Penglantis Chest One-Shot 315360000’ that you collect alongside the tube! Go check it out yourself!

Hmmm, this sounds too tempting to pass up, SploshJnr. We’ll need to keep an eye out for it!

Do you have any Theories based around Club Penguin Island? Tell us them in the Comments below!

Waddle On!


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