What we Know about Puffles so far on Club Penguin Island!

Hello Penguins,

I noticed just the other day that I have never mention Puffles here on CPIHelp, and I want to make sure all my viewers are fully aware of where and when are Puffles making their way to Club Penguin Island. So I have done my research on everything we know about them at this moment. *I will update this post with more information as time goes on.*

  • Both former Club Penguin Island Staff Members: Spike Hike & Megg mentioned that Puffles would be coming 2017 or 2018, unsure if this information will be true or not. No current Staff Member has confirmed this.
  • Rockhopper found a lost chapter from The Island Codex, mentioning a guide on how we will have to raise Puffles. (Source – CPMountains)
  • In Island Central, if you walk to the far left of the room, beside the wall and jump. You’ll see a big Puffle Mountain. and if you open your Map, to the right of Island Central, many believe that’s where Puffle Mountain will be located.

Also if you want addition detail and a few other small information about Puffles on Club Penguin Island, check out my friend, Tigerrkid’s Puffle Video. Or watch it below!

Waddle On!


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