Rookie Discovers a New Summer Treat – Island News

Hey Penguins,

Rookie made an Island News post on the CPI Phone today on Club Penguin Island, and it looks like he just discovered those new Fro Yo Cones, and wants to share his comments on them with us all. Check out his Island News post!

Guys, have you been to Franky’s lately? They’ve got these Fro Yo cones and I can’t get enough of ’em. Look at them! Three colors, cool hat, made of frozen stuff. It’s like it was made for me! You know who would love these? JPG! Perfect to snack on while lifeguarding. I should bring him some. While I’m down there, I could probably swing by and drop one off for Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper. Everyone’s got to know about Fro Yo! I wonder if there’s a stinky cheese flavor for Rockhopper. Probably nooaAAH—Braaiiinn freeeeeze!!! I don’t know what kind of treats Gary likes, but he loves talking about pie when working on math questions. Maybe I could make him a Fro Yo pie? Whoa… Fro Yo pie—is that my greatest idea yet? I bet if I— Editors Note: Rookie’s phone stopped working because it’s not Fro Yo-proof.

Have you tried out the new Fro Yo Cones yet? I think after this post, you should. Until next time,

Waddle On!


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