Jet Pack Guy’s Rules of the Pool – Island News

Howdy Penguins,

Jet Pack Guy has created a Post on the CPI Phone’s Island News. He’s upset that Rookie flooded Island Central and started the Summer Splashdown Party, so he made some Rules for us to follow to remain safe during the Summer Splashdown Party.

Summer Splashdown was a mistake. Literally. Rookie broke a pipe and flooded Island Central. But now that we’ve got this pool party, let’s lay down some rules.

  1. Water slides are for tubes only. No waddling down.
  2. Yell before you dive off the cloud into the water. “Cannonball” or “Look out below!” work fine.
  3. Gone spelunking in the sewer? Wash off before you go back in the pool.
  4. Absolutely NO running by the pool.

I’ll be monitoring from the sky, just so you know. Have a fun, safe time. And use the dunk tank to practice your snowball throwing. Gotta stay sharp. Never know when you’ll need a strong throwing arm to stop a threat to the island.

Seems like some easy Rules to follow, how are you enjoying the Summer Splashdown Party? Tell us in the Comments!

Waddle On!


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