Club Penguin Island Closing – Future of CPIHelp

Hey Penguins,

It’s been a few weeks since the Club Penguin Island Team released that the desktop/mobile game of Club Penguin Island will be shutting down on December 20th, 2018. It’s sad to hear that the game didn’t even make it to 2 years of being officially open, but it is what it is. Many reasons/rumors to why they’re closing down Club Penguin Island, but I will let you decide what you want to believe. But huge thank you to the Club Penguin Island Team for creating a fun island for us all to explore and learn the secrets to, plus Penguin Levels were such a fun feature in my opinion. Also big thanks to the players for keeping the Club Penguin Community alive with your fun parties, and activities.

I got to become pretty good friends with some of the Club Penguin Island staff members, like with Amykim (Amy) and FrostyApten (Connor), you two are awesome people and I can’t wait to see what you guys are up to next. Having that connection with the CPI Team is what made CPI that little bit more fun for me as well. I also wish the rest of the Team, the best with their future jobs/projects, you all made Club Penguin Island an amazing place for us Penguins. Huge Thank you!

Now with Club Penguin Island closing, what does that mean for Club Penguin Island Help. Well CPIHelp for awhile now has been a standalone blog where players can come and get help with the most common Questions for the game, and it will continue being that way forever, although the domain and some paid features will be shutting down on November 12th, 2018. The domain will go back to being (, and all the content will remain, to further assist all the players in the last months.

Thank you to everyone that has visited once or everyday, you have helped grown Club Penguin Island Help to something I never thought I would ever achieve. I’m still shocked everyday to what the website has achieved.

  • 350+ Posts
  • 30+ Pages
  • 200+ Daily Viewers
  • 210,000+ Views in Total
  • 10,000+ Total Viewers in One Day
  • 400+ Comments

But of course there are many Penguins in the Community that has helped Club Penguin Island Help in one way or another, and  I just want to thank them personally.

Emmanuel2204 – Wow, you are not only an amazing Blogger, and I wish the best for your future, but thank you so much for sticking by me and CPIHelp. You have done so much for the website, might have been even more than me. Thank you so much for everything! Always here for you, buddy!

Torres 126 – We started with being fellow Club Penguin Island bloggers, had some ups and downs, then became great friends, I always come to you when I have a website content/feature idea. Thank you for showcasing CPIHelp on your blog, love that we could workout a partnership between our blogs, I wish we did more blog things together, maybe in the future. Anyways thank you so much for the love and support that you have given not just my blog, but me in general. I’m always checking out your website to see what you’re working on bring out on it next.

Stuff – Really wish I could have seen that website you were working on so many years ago, looked amazing. You have done a mix of help to the blog, from creating Headers/Logo to helping me with my CPI Beta Testers List. Super happy to see that you have found success in the Community with the CPR Team, always interested to see what you’re up to.

KingBoo8884/CPI News+ Team – Was always a dream to work along KingBoo8884 and his Team, and I’m so honored to have worked with you and your team on CPI News+, you ran an amazing CPI as well Club Penguin blog. Thank you so much, King for believing in me.

Blaze – You helped CPIHelp so much with your marketing/social media skills, it truly showed. As well I learned a few things in those areas as well that I have been using to market my new projects. You’re an amazing friend!

Pen50gi – Thank you for helping me with everything WordPress or Admin related, you really know your stuff and you’re always willing to give a helping hand. I would recommend you to everyone that needs help in those areas. Thank you so much, Pen50gi!

Surge – You have helped me with some of the most popular content on the website, basing around Levels, and how to make CPI much more fun, with grinding. As well with tutorials, I had so much fun logging into the game, and doing these guides with you. I’m sorry I never got around to doing that Series idea on CPIHelp that you had, I know the viewers would have loved it. Thank you for believing in my blog.

Tigerr – You have made CPIHelp the beautiful sight it is with your graphic designs from the Headers to the Sidebar widgets. You are truly amazing at what you do, and have always supported me and my projects. I know you’ll do great things.

IMACI – You’re an amazing blogger, and thank you for helping with posting content for the website. I’m always keeping up with what you’re doing next.

DJ Stores – Now I know we don’t talk anymore, but I might still include you for the support you have given CPIHelp, as well as even the time you put into posting on the blog as well. You’re an amazing blogger, and you create great content for the Club Penguin Island players. Hope one day we can chat again. Wishing you the best with your future.

Gobogo – Thank you for posting for the blog, you are a really good blogger. Sad that you left the Community early into Club Penguin Island. But thank you again.

Madzom8ie/Together Thursday Team – You and the others behind Together Thursday are amazing Penguins for creating weekly events for the penguins in the community.

It was honestly hard to write this up, due to me never wanting to have to say goodbye to Club Penguin Island Help, it’s been a big part of my life for the last 2 years. I have learned so much from the Community/Blog that I will be using that experience for a very long time. Thank you Club Penguin Island Help!

Don’t worry I am still remaining in the Club Penguin Community, and still working on Club Penguin related projects, you can follow me on Twitter. Anyways thank you all again with supporting Club Penguin Island Help, it means so much to me! Also remember “Once a Penguin, Always a Penguin”. Waddle On!






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