Club Penguin Island Offline Mode – CPIHelp Big Update Coming

Hello Penguin,

Like many of you already have heard is that there will be an Offline Mode to Club Penguin Island after the official closure on December 20th, 2018. But most of the information about the Offline Mode isn’t released to the public just yet, I think the Team is waiting to post more about that near the end of the game, due to the Mode serving no purpose at this moment. If you’re trying to access Offline Mode, you can’t until December 21st, 2018 when it’ll automatically take over the App. (Of course, there is cheating ways, but we don’t support players doing that).

But the Community is stating common-senses facts about the Offline Mode, so others can better understand what it means. I will be sharing these facts, so maybe your questions about it can be answered, also I will create another post once the Team makes an official one discussing it.

  • Offline Mode will require no Internet Service (wifi), so you can play it, replay adventures, collect resources, create igloos, design clothing, get better scores on Sled Racing / Swimming Race, and most more
  • You won’t be able to play online with other players

Not much is official information, so I couldn’t include it in this post. But over time we will get more information, and I will keep everyone updated.

Now in the previous post, I was thinking of closing Club Penguin Island Help down with the closure of Club Penguin Island, but I have been brainstorming a way that the website could continue, and I believe we could do it. Don’t worry, the website will remain a Club Penguin related website forever, although the only thing I can think that will work is a slight domain/name change to the website. Of course the main focus will be Help & Guides, since it’s truly my Club Penguin passion.

I am being very hush hush about the new name/content, but you will start seeing some small changes to the website, I will also announce when I do the big domain/name change, so you guys aren’t worrying to what happened. I’ll tweet and post about it, and even release all the information about the new website at that time too. Very excited to continue Club Penguin Island Help with you all!

Waddle On!


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