You MUST do this before November 20th – Secret Dialogue – The Island Codex

Hey Penguins,

If you haven’t installed / re-installed Club Penguin Island onto your mobile devices, you’ll want to before November 20th, 2018, because on that day is the day that it’ll be removed from the Mobile App Stores. I believe it’ll still be available to download onto your Desktop after that date, but nothing is official, so make sure to have it installed everywhere.

Joe, one of the Writers for Club Penguin Island shared with everyone on Twitter, a secret dialogue message that we could see if you played Aunt Arctic’s Chapter 2 Episode 8’s Adventure. Where “instead of completing the puzzle to neutralize the virus, close it, and speak to Gary. There’s a 20% chance he’ll say this.” If you don’t want to replay the Adventure, you can see what the Dialogue Message is here. That’s pretty awesome, I wonder if there are more hidden dialogues like that.

The Club Penguin Island Team has posted a new Blog Post – Wrap Up: The Island Codex, where they discuss more information about The Island Codex book, very interesting! You can read it below.

Hi penguin pals,

Welcome to our first Wrap Up post! In this series, we’ll be explaining island mysteries and letting you know where the storyline for Club Penguin Island was headed.

First up, is an item of great importance—the Island Codex! First seen in Aunt Arctic’s adventure Shocking Secrets, the codex is so powerful that it had to be kept out of Herbert’s paws at all costs.

However, as mysterious as the book is, we’ve seen Aunt Arctic use it twice to help save the day. The first time we saw it used, it contained a recipe that cured Rockhopper of a curse. The second time, it helped us discover that Scorn’s weakness was snow.

So how can a book contain such secrets?

Well, the Island Codex is an ancient text that has been handed down from each Island Director. Each director writes down their wisdom and island discoveries for the next, creating a big book of powerful information. It contains strange recipes (such as how to cure a curse), spooky riddles (such as how to defeat the King of Dragons), and the location of powerful artifacts (y’know, the kind of things that Herbert would love to know about.)

With so much valuable information, Aunt Arctic knew that if Herbert got his paws on the codex, he could destroy the island in one fell swoop. Luckily, Aunt Arctic and the EPF would NEVER let that happen.

Also you will start seeing some minor updates to the CPIHelp website, I’m slowly updating it to the new big CPIHelp update. Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it, I don’t know when I’ll release the update, probably near the 1st of December. But I will be keeping you all updated.

Waddle On!


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