Club Penguin in Lego Form!

Hello Penguins,

One of our friends, Tigerr went to the Club Penguin HQ, back in the Summer of 2018. You can check out his Tour Video here. Anyways Tigerr just recently shared more pictures that he took during his visit, and these photos are really cool, but kinda sad since the Team couldn’t make them a reality. Being able to purchase Lego sets of places/characters in Club Penguin.

Now for years the Community/Team have been trying to submit Club Penguin into the Lego ideas, although the Team could never get to the voting stage of the Lego sets. At least they were trying, and plus awesome that we got to see the prototypes of it. Thanks again to Tigerr for allowing us to share these photos with you all! I hope you guys all love them as much as I do.

Lego Dojo
Dojo Courtyard
Lego Plaza
Lego Rockhopper Ship
Rockhopper’s The Migrator
Full Lego Image
Full Photo of all pieces

Have to say that Rockhopper’s Ship, The Migrator is my personal favourite piece out of all these. Which one is your favourite? And what is one room, you would have loved to see in Lego form?

Waddle On!


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