Penguin Style Catalog January 2019 – Cart Pin Location – Dance-A-Thon Event

Hey Penguins,

January 3rd marks the first couple of updates for the game, from a new Penguin Style Catalog to a new event, the Dance-A-Thon. Lots of fun things for the players to enjoy in their first few days of 2019! And we here at Club Penguin Help have some great starter guides to everything that came out today.

Let’s start out with the new Penguin Style Catalog, lots of awesome items to purchase and rock out with, but even better more secret items hidden in the Penguin Style Catalog for everyone to find. But if you would like to double-check or just find them all right away. Our pal, Clubby8911 has uploaded a full Guide video to find all the Hidden Items. Also don’t forget to give him a Sub to stay up-to-date on all future Penguin Style Catalog Cheats.

Now who ever on the Club Penguin Rewritten Team decides where to hide the Pins, should get a raise, these recent locations have been tough, which is great! Now the latest Pin is the (Mine) Cart Pin which is shockingly hidden at the Mine, inside of the left Cart beside the Cart Surfer mini-game.

mine cart pin

The Dance-A-Thon event has began not only is a great time to spend dancing/partying with all your friends in the Night Club, but the event’s purpose is to also promote the new Dance Contest (mini-game)’s Multiplayer mode that the Team has added to the Mini-Game. So the Town, Night Club, Dance Lounge, and Night Club Roof, and in the Night Club you are able to pick up the Purple Boom Book. Overall a fun little event, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Until Next Time, Waddle On!



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