Why won’t Club Penguin Rewritten Load?

loading issues

Club Penguin Rewritten isn’t loading for me, and I don’t know what to do. Well don’t worry I have a few methods that could resolve this not loading issue for you. Remember to comment below if our guide was able to help resolve your Loading issue. Anyways onto the Guide.

  • First and easiest way to resolve the issue, is to try using a different Internet Browser, so if you’re using Google Chrome, maybe try using Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Now Clearing your Cache just about always resolves the not loading issue, since your Browser is loading an old version of Club Penguin Rewritten, it needs to be cleared/restarted. Here we have a full guide on How to Clear your Cache.
  • Every few months, the Club Penguin Rewritten Team will shut down the servers for maintenance for up to 10 minutes to a few hours, you can stay up-to-date on their Server Status from the CPRewritten Support Team’s Twitter.

Now if none of these methods were able to resolve the Loading Issue for you, I would highly recommend sending CPRewritten Support Team a Tweet here and/or an Email (support@cprewritten.net) there.




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