Club Penguin T-Shirt

club penguin tshirt

Players were able to obtain the Club Penguin T-Shirt by donating to assist the Club Penguin Rewritten Team with funds for the game, a feature that has now closed down. It’s no longer obtainable at this time. To submit an Item Owner, tweet Questy.

List of Penguins with the Club Penguin T-Shirt:

  • active
  • Ant Penguine
  • AntiCrypts
  • Aodhan
  • Blewberry02
  • Cj689
  • Connor
  • Evan
  • Hagrid
  • iwantalollie
  • Joee
  • Keel
  • MrNoah
  • Mypalsharky
  • Pizzablawk
  • PrestonPlayz
  • Skidder
  • Stu
  • THE G.O.A.T.
  • Unknown
  • Woochop

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